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As I am sure all will be aware, transmission of the coronavirus pandemic is now escalating at a very alarming rate throughout the UK and it is time to update the Club’s COVID-19 statement issued just a few days ago.

The most recent message from the Government is you must not leave your home unless for reasons classed as essential. It has now become evidently apparent that ‘social distancing’ is the most powerful tool that we have to help control the overall spread of the disease, to help ensure our NHS is able to look after those in need and to reduce the number of deaths.

Whilst for the time being at least, the Government is still encouraging people to take exercise outdoors there are now very strict, legally enforceable restrictions in place and CYCLING IS NOT EXEMPT. From tomorrow (24/03/2020) you are only allowed to leave the home once a day to exercise and this must be done alone or with a maximum of one person from your own household. It is also very much worth bearing in mind that we as a club, and each of us as individuals must lead by example. If people see others carrying on as normal, there is tendency to think the same, and to think the advice doesn’t apply to them or to their situation. Or to think the CV-19 situation ‘isn’t that bad’. This categorically is not the case, and it is only going to get worse. The new rules apply to everyone, and we have a moral and social responsibility to follow it.

From now on and for the foreseeable future we strongly suggest you cycle indoors if you have the facility - and we will be posting new Zwift meet-ups and events shortly - or ride alone outdoors. Of course, this is something few of us would choose to do, but the SDCC committee feel it is absolutely the correct thing to do. And given the large numbers of people ignoring the social distancing advice (cyclist included) if people don’t change their behaviour it may be only a matter of time before the Government enforce a tighter lockdown and we’re unable to cycle outdoors anyway.

In accordance with this updated statement, the members group page MUST NO LONGER BE USED to suggest meet ups. In addition, we would request you not to wear club kit when out cycling if you have alternative clothing available.

Stay safe and look forward to cycling with you on the other side.

The SDCC Committee



As one of the longest established cycling clubs in Suffolk (and it has to be said, one of the friendliest), Stowmarket & District Cycle Club offers a range of activities covering just about every cycling discipline you can think of.

From leisure/cafe riders to budding time trialists and road racers, from mountain biking to cyclo-cross, our inclusive club welcomes everyone - all you need is a bike, helmet, and sense of humour.

A club like no other

The first thing you'll notice about our riders (other than their very fetching matching yellow and black kit) is their ride discipline.

We ride two abreast on club rides because it is safer for us (because it forces cars to only overtake when it is safe to do so), and easier and quicker for cars to get past. It also happens to be a very social way of riding.

If you've never ridden in a group before don't worry, other members out on the ride will show you what to do, how to hold your line and tell you about the signals we use to warn each other of obstacles.

It's important you always keep your eyes and ears open, and control your speed. Club rides are not a race and the idea is to maintain a constant pace (that everyone's comfortable with) so no sprinting when it's your turn on the front.

Cycling events

On top of our weekend club rides, SDCC is very active in the local cycling scene organising:

Sportives and racing

If you fancy taking on the challenge of a sportive, the club usually has a large presence at the local and national events so you'll have someone to ride with.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details or put a shout out yourself if you fancy some company on your next challenge.

If speed is your thing, why not try out our Sunday ride or Chain Gang Tuesday (summer months only)?

For those that aspire to be the next Chris Froome or Lizzie Deignan, we have a number of racers in our ranks that are happy to help you get started (criterium, road racing, time trialling, triathlon and cyclo-cross).

Keeping in touch

There is always something happening within the club. Our main form of communication is through our Facebook Page. So to make sure you hear about our rides and social activities feel free to like our page.

Join the SDCC family

If you like what you've heard so far, why not join us?

On top of meeting a great bunch of people, membership also entitles you to discounts at a range of local businesses.

To join up, download the application form and send it to the address shown.

If you want to 'try before you buy', why not come along to one of our weekend club rides - you're welcome to come along two or three times before deciding whether to join.

For more information get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.