Marshal Rota 2024

OK, this is important. Below is the marshal rota for all of our events in 2024. Thank you Gary Buckle for sorting these out. Please, please, please make sure that you know when you are down to marshal and if you cannot do it you need to tell the Organiser as soon as possible and try to arrange a replacement. Events don’t happen without marshals and we’ve come close to cancelling events in the past because of no shows on the day or very late notice. Don’t let this be you, please make every effort to fulfil your rota place and tell the organiser as soon as possible if you can’t.

Debenham TT  Saturday 13 April 1400hrs
Allan Stribbling,  Ali Borman,  Bernard Jessup,  Alex Mottram,  Kevin Hardwick
Andy France

Finningham TT. Monday 27 May. 1400hrs
Deirdre Keating,  Mark Emma’s,  Stuart Hunter,  Jon Croft,  Richard Hallett,
Julian Gooderham,  Simon Hopper.

Battisford evening TTS Tuesdays 1830hrs
June 11 James Broadhurst,  Tim Haseldine,  Peter Gregg

June18. Miles Rolfe,  David Daniels,  Jason Battle

June25. Dan Drewery, Jack Grey, Brett Ferris

July 2. Ed Miller, Adrian Healey, Pete Blenkinsop

Three more events in the pipeline, road race, summer reliability and cycle cross.