Our Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday rides follow pre-defined routes from a tried-and-tested selection, which can be found below. On the evening before a ride, a route will be published on Facebook (this feed is regularly updated on the sidebar of the current page). 

Saturday rides

Meet in Car park at Needham Lakes (near the railway bridge) (9am BST, 9:30am GMT)

Here are some of our routes

Sunday Rides

Meet in Car park at The Crown in Claydon (9am BST, 9:30am GMT)

Wednesday Rides

Meet at Stowmarket Rugby Club, Stowmarket

Download our list of local cafesDownload our list of local Cafes


Ride Rules

Rides are open to non-members too, however for insurance reasons we ask that you join before you’ve been on four rides.

SDCC tries to make its rides and other activities as safe as is reasonably practicable, however, cycling cannot be risk free and is inherently dangerous. We are not a professional concern, just amateurs inviting other club members and friends to join us for a ride. Every rider must be responsible for their own safety and you are required to comply with the rules of the road.  All cyclists must wear a helmet, and we recommend  wearing cycling gloves to reduce the risk of  cuts and bruises in case of a tumble. We also recommend cycling glasses to protect your eyes. 

It is strongly recommended that you take out 3rd Party Liability Insurance with a suitable company, e.g. British Cycling or Cycling UK, to whom we are affiliated.

All riders should carry ID, emergency contact details, any relevant medication and should be fit to ride.

Click HERE for the SDCC Club Ride Risk Assessment

Riders should also carry tools and equipment to repair a puncture, money, a snack, drinks and a phone for emergency situations.

Covid-19 rules for ALL rides. Click HERE for the Covid-19 Risk Assessment

You must not ride if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive for Covid-19, have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of Covid or has tested positive, or if you are self-isolating or in quarantine for any Covid-19 related reason

Do not share food, bottles or equipment. Avoid contact and maintain social distancing during any stops whether for mechanicals or otherwise

Do not expel bodily fluids. Please bring tissues or cloth to use where necessary

You must be prepared to be self-sufficient (drinks, food and your own repairs if required)

Club kit can be worn

Rides will be in groups of 12 or less, grouped according to speed

The 15 rider maximum per group ONLY applies on the ride itself. Normal Government guidelines are to be followed at ALL other times.

The 15 rider maximum per group ONLY applies to organised BC Affiliated club activity. Any other group rides not affiliated to the club MUST adhere to current government guidelines.

Riders must gather in groups of up to six according to their intended average speed as soon as they arrive at the meet point. Groups must stay well spaced out from each other at the meet point

The fastest group will set off first, followed by other groups at 2-3 minute intervals and in descending order of speed

No merging of groups en-route. Stay well back from the group in front and only overtake if absolutely necessary, re-establishing a clear distance between groups as soon as possible

At any café or other stops, maintain social distancing and stay in your riding group. Groups must split into 6 or fewer and not mix with others at any cafe stops or stops for other reasons.

Please carry a mask (a requirement for ordering in most cafés)

For SDCC Members Track & Trace, we are assuming the club has your current e mail and/ or mobile phone number on file. If in doubt, please contact Gary Buckle or e mail with your up to date details. Be prepared for the ride leader to record all riders attending a ride.

Potential new members must provide the ride leader with their contact details (name, e mail and/mobile number)

Please do not gather at the finish of a ride unless to a pub or restaurant where it is permitted to do so.