Meet the Team

We're lucky to have an enthusiastic bunch of keen cyclists who help keep our club running behind the scenes. Here are some of the people that make it all happen:

Paul Moss (Chairman)

Paul began riding back in 1998 when he realised it was much quicker and easier than a car into the middle of Ipswich. Gradually, he became more interested in road cycling and did a few of the early Bike Event rides after buying a titanium bike with his redundancy money in 2004. After being persuaded to enter his first race in October 2006 as part of a four-man team at Dusk Till Dawn, he started riding cyclo-cross, joined SDCC, raced time trials during 2007 and the hill climb in November 2007. His first road race was in late 2007, and he was East District Hill Climb champion in 2009, 2010 and 2011 and won the event overall in 2010. Today Paul enjoys time trials, cyclo-cross, mountain bike racing and sportives.

Chris Hart-Davies (Secretary)

Sport has always been a priority in Chris’s life and is a self-confessed endorphin junkie. After years of running, she decided it was time to quit while her knees were still in good shape. Chris had done a bit of fair weather cycling, but after being persuaded to join a group for a cycling holiday in Italy, felt as though she’d discovered her “new best sport”. After returning home, the first thing she did was join SDCC. She loves the opportunities it gives right through the year to ride in a group, take part in sportives and discover new routes around the area. In 2015, Chris rode over 5,500 miles and climbed nearly 240,000ft in four months to come second in the Club Championship, mainly to prove to herself that being a lady of a certain age is no barrier on a bike.

Colleen Buckle (Treasurer)

Colleen’s husband, Gary has been a member of SDCC for over 20 years. As he became more involved and the club expanded, more hands were needed to keep things ticking along. Although Colleen prefers four legs to two wheels, she was more than happy to help out with the club’s finances. Her support for the club has been unwavering, and she is usually found at the club's time trials, sportives and road races feeding the participants with homemade cakes, tea and coffee, which are always very welcome.

Gary Buckle (Membership Secretary)

It was an accident at work that began Gary’s cycling journey. At that time he was in his late 30’s and needed something to motivate him and get him fit again. He bought a bike from a friend at work, and 25+ years later he’s still cycling. He's cycled in France, Belgium and Italy with his most memorable ride being the Stelvio in Italy. For many years, Gary’s main focus was time trialling, but last year he decided (for the third time) that it took the enjoyment of cycling away from him, so now he mainly rides for pleasure. He gets a real kick out of encouraging others to improve, and he’s also passed on his passion for cycling to members of his family. You’ll find Gary out most weekends on club runs giving the younger members a run for their money!

Mark Powell (Road Race Secretary)

Mark’s riding career started back in 1998 when he bought a ‘proper bike’ a £400 mountain bike. Once his next-door neighbour realised (Lance Ravenhill the then V40 National Cyclocross champion) he was bullied into joining Lance’s club (Kenilworth Wheelers) and never looked back.

In 2003, Mark moved to Kent achieving his 1st Category licence and becoming South East Road Racing League Champion in 2003 and runner up the following two years.

After a couple of years off, a job change led to Mark moving to Suffolk in 2012. The need to fit into a suit for his brother’s wedding forced him back on the bike, so he joined the magnificent SDCC.  Once again bitten by the bug, he returned to racing, competing in road racing, mountain biking, the occasional time trial and has more recently been ‘encouraged’ into regularly racing cyclocross by his determined wife, Nicola.

Having spent a number of years as a 1st Category road racer, and being fortunate to have raced at the highest level, Mark is looking forward to helping anyone with any aspirations of pinning a number on their back and having a go.

Adrian Healey (Off Road Secretary)

Adrian’s cycling journey began back in 1990 when he was forced to buy a bike to get to and from work. A year later he joined SDCC and rode London to Brighton – that was it; he was hooked. Over the years he cycled Lands End to John O'Groats (890 miles in 5 ½ days), time trialled, achieved his 2nd Cat race licence, came 3rd in Eastern Cyclocross Seniors and got his 1st Cat in 1996.

In that same year, Adrian had a motorbike accident that he thought would end his cycling days forever. That was until 2008. With weight creeping on and smoking habit, Adrian invested in a mountain bike and promised his long-suffering cycling widow wife “I won’t be racing; it’s just to get fit”. He then joined TROG and GRT and has raced mountain bikes ever since.

Keith Wolferstan (Time Trial Secretary)

Keith’s love of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was the catalyst for his cycling passion. In order to continue to enjoy them, he needed some serious regular exercise. His love for cycling continues to grow and it’s not uncommon for Keith to pedal in excess of 8,500 miles (13.6 km) a year – although his wife thinks this is nowhere near enough.

Keith joined SDCC in 2011. Not being the build for climbing, Keith began taking part in the local time trials. He recommends them for anyone, whether a serious ‘tester’ or someone who just wants to measure their progress. A TT bike is not a necessity (but it’s a great excuse to buy another bike), everyone is welcome to turn up and have a go. If you want to find out more, have a chat with Keith.

Terry Ferris (Youth, Welfare and Charities Officer)

A proud Scott, Terry has had a passion for cycling for over 50 years after making his first bike from old parts, odd wheels and flat tyres. Both Terry’s sons are members of SDCC – the younger a regular club rider, the elder an occasional club rider but rides in the Army so is forgiven. He’s been a member of SDCC for four years and is now part of the committee holding the position of Welfare Office. His role is to make sure the younger members are not pressurised into something that they are not happy with or wish to do willingly. Also if any club member has concerns with regards to this or the vulnerability of other members, they can contact Terry.

Charlotte Harrison (Ladies Representative)

It was with great trepidation that Charlotte joined SDCC in 2014. However, from the start she was overwhelmed with the support she received from other members, to the point where she also encouraged her husband to join. Charlotte is incredibly passionate about cycling and loves encouraging everyone to have a go – her vocal skills are legendary.

A few years ago, Charlotte got involved with the then new Wednesday evening rides. They are a great opportunity to recruit new members to the club and introduce youngsters (14+) and oldsters alike to the world of cycling. She loved them so much, she how runs them with her husband.  

Inspired by the enthusiasm shown on a Wednesday, Charlotte has also started running a Monday evening Ladies only ride. These are designed to build greater confidence in riding in a group and to inspire more ladies to join the club.

Liam Trainor (Committee Member)

Liam’s love for cycling started in 2008. He was out on his mountain bike when he saw a group of guys on road bikes fly past and thought he must have one. A year later, on his 18th birthday, he got his first road bike. It was a slow burner for the first couple of years, but as he started going progressively faster and further, he became hooked.
Liam joined SDCC in March 2015 after what must have been months of deliberating if he would keep up or not (he did. JUST!). Now a regular on lots of different club rides, Liam’s favourite is the Saturday café ride. After all, it's not a bike ride unless you stop for coffee and cake half way around.

Wendy Atkinson (Committee member)

Sport has always played a part in Wendy’s life, including her work. But having gained weight before a “big” birthday 11 years ago, she knew it was time to regain her fitness. It started with a return to mountain biking, but that soon led to buying her first road bike. She’s never looked back. 

After completing several sportives she decided to giving racing a try. Now she competes in road, cyclocross, time trials, mountain biking and grass track racing.  She competed in the 2016 Women’s World Masters Cyclocross Championships in Belgium and in 2019 was the 1st Lady Vet in the Ipswich and District TT Series.  She has also completed the Tour of Flanders and the Dunwich Dynamo events and is keen to find further challenges.