If you’re into speed, road racing could be right up your street.

Traditional road racing takes place on open roads with vehicular marshals marking the front and rear of the race. It’s open to anyone with a race licence (obtained from British Cycling) and segmented according to ability.

When starting out (men and women) you are a fourth category rider, then by competing and winning points you advance to third, second, first and then Elite status. The distance of the race can be anything from 40 miles to 100 miles plus.

You can also have a go at circuit racing. This takes place on closed-road circuits (such as Trinity Park, Ipswich and Woodbridge airfield). The races are usually about 50 minutes in duration and again open to all category riders.

If you love competing but aren’t keen on bunch racing, you can always try your hand at time trialling when it’s just you against the clock. Riders are set off on a predetermined course (generally on open roads) over five or ten miles (some courses can be longer). You don’t need a special time trial bike to take part; your normal road bike is fine.

For more information on how you can get involved in road racing, circuit racing or time trialling as a club member, get in touch