"Four wheels move your body; two wheels move your soul." - Nicola Miller

One of the best things about SDCC is its inclusiveness. At weekends you will find our ladies enjoying club rides (and usually leaving the men behind) with many actively involved in time trialling, racing and cyclo cross.

Of course, the club isn't just for those who want to compete; it's also a fun and safe environment in which to enjoy your bike.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest news and dates for rides.

From beginners to the more experienced

It doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced rider, come along and join in.

We are a club that always sticks together so you'll never be left on your own and should you suffer a mechanical (e.g. a flat tyre) there are plenty of people bout to give you a hand.

Every group rides to the speed of the slowest rider to reduce that horrible "I must keep up" feeling. But at the same time, riding in a group will help you grow in strength, speed and confidence. If you've been thinking about getting on your bike, get in touch, and we'll help you develop your cycling skills.